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 Alec Walen Alec D. Walen
Associate Professor, jointly appointed in  Law, Philosophy and Criminal Justice
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B.A. University of Maryland
Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh
J.D. Harvard
Moral Philosophy and Philosophy of Law
Research and Professional Activities
"My work is centrally concerned with understanding the nature of deontology and the way it limits and draws on consequentialist considerations. I work on this project on two levels. On the level of moral philosophy, I am working on a series of papers that explore two themes: (1) the structure of rights and (2) deontological significance of intentions. On the level of legal theory, I explore this interest in the context of national security law, criminal law, and constitutional law, and am currently working on a book, the working title of which is "Detention in a Liberal State" (Under Contract at Oxford University Press)."
Selected Publications


“Agents, Impartiality, and the Priority of Claims over Duties; Diagnosing Why Thomson Still Gets the Trolley Problem Wrong by Appeal to the ‘Mechanics of Claims,’” Journal of Moral Philosophy 9 (2012): 545-571 DOI: 10.1163/174552412X628959.

"A Punitive Precondition for Preventive Detention:  Lost Status as an Element of a Just Punishment," San Diego Law Review 48 (2011): 1229-1272.

"A Unified Theory of Detention, with Application to Preventive Detention fo rSuspected Terrorists," Maryland Law Review 70 (2011): 871-938.

"The Doctrine of Illicit Intentions," Philosophy and Public Affairs 34 (2006): 39-67.




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