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  1. Allen, Benjamin. Zeno, Aristotle, the Racetrack and the Achilles: a historical and philosophical investigation. (Link)
  2. Dean, Walter. What Algorithms Could Not Be. (Link)
  3. Ichikawa, Jonathan. Imagination and Epistemology. (Link)
  4. Turner, Jason. Ontology, Quantification, and Fundamentality. (Link)


  1. Allori, Valia. Fundamental Physical Theories: mathematical structures grounded on a primitive ontology. (Link)
  2. Corabi, Joseph. Evolutionary Arguments and the Mind-Body Problem. (Link)
  3. Cumming, Samuel. Proper Nouns. (Link)
  4. Glick, Jeffrey. The Importance of Knowledge Per Se. (Link)
  5. Greaves, Hilary. Spacetime Symmetries and the CPT Theorem. (Link)
  6. Kelly, Daniel. Projectivism Psychologized: the philosophy and psychology of disgust. (Link)
  7. Mag Uidhir, Christopher. Reflexive Conditions on Artistic Intentions. (Link)
  8. Whitcomb, Dennis. An Epistemic Value Theory. (Link)

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