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Core Philosophy Faculty: 

Elisabeth Camp
Frances Egan
Alvin Goldman
Barry Loewer
Robert Matthews
Brian McLaughlin
Susanna Schellenberg
Stephen Stich

Affiliated faculty: 

Katalin Balog (Philosophy)
Randy Gallistel (Psychology)
Rochel Gelman (Psychology)
Alan Leslie (Psychology)
Zenon Pylyshyn (Psychology)
Matthew Stone (Computer Science)
Robert Woolfolk (Psychology)  

Recent graduate student placement: 


  • Richard Dub, “Delusions, Acceptances, and Cognitive Feelings,” Brian McLaughlin (advisor), Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva (post-doc)
  • Alexander Morgan, “On the Matter of Memory: Neural Computation and the Mechanisms of Intentional Agency”, Frances Egan and Robert Matthews (advisors), Center for Integrative Neuroscience, University of Tübingen (post-doc)


  • Karen Shanton, “How many Persons am I? An Empirical Investigation of Personhood and the Unconscious,” Alvin Goldman (advisor), ACLS Fellow
  • Jennifer Nado, “Intuition and Inquiry,” Stephen Stich (advisor), Assistant Professor, Lingnan University, Hong Kong


  • Walter Dean, “What Algorithms Could Not Be,” Robert Matthews (advisor), Assistant Professor, University of Warwick.
  • Carlos Montemayor, “The Psychology of Time and its Philosophical Implications,” Alvin Goldman (advisor), Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University.
  • Iris Oved, “The Mental Coining of Terms,” Jason Stanley (advisor), University of Arizona, Department of Computer Science (post-doc)


  • Douglas Parvin, “Phenomenal Concepts,” Brian McLaughlin (advisor), Assistant Professor, Augustana College.


  • Joseph Corabi, “Evolutionary Arguments and the Mind/Body Problem,” Brian McLaughlin (advisor), Assistant Professor, St. Joseph’s University.
  • Daniel Kelly, “Projectivism Psychologized: A Cognitive and Evolutionary Perspective on Disgust and its Philosophical Implications,” Stephen Stich (advisor), 2yr. post-doc at Sydney University, tenure track position at Purdue University.


  • Gary Bartlett, “Taking Phenomenal Internalism Seriously,” Brian McLaughlin (advisor), Assistant Professor, Central Washington University.
  • Kevin Edwards, “Referentialism Without Compromise”  Jerry Fodor (advisor), Assistant Professor, Syracuse University.
  • Bernard Molyneux, “Aspects of Consciousness Explained,” Alvin Goldman (advisor), Assistant Professor, University of California at Davis.


  • Chandra Sripada, “Conceptual Foundations for the Psychology and Evolution of Morality,”  Stephen Stich (advisor), Assistant Professor, University of Michigan.


  • Matthew Phillips, “Intentional States and Intentional State Ascriptions: An Integrated Linguistic/Psychological Account,” Robert Matthews (advisor), Research Associate, Columbia University Medical Center.


  • Jeffrey Buechner, “A Critical Examination of Hilary Putnam’s Refutation of Computational Functionalism,” Frances Egan (advisor), lecturer, Rutgers/Newark.
  • Catherine Driscoll, “Darwinizing Human Nature: Evolutionary Issues in Sociobiology and Evolutionary Psychology,” Stephen Stich (advisor), Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University.
  • Susan Schneider, “Meaning and the Computational Mind: The Role of Intentional and Computational States in a Scientific Psychology,” Jerry Fodor (advisor), Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Adam Wager, “Perceptual Awareness and Perceptual Knowledge,” Brian McLaughlin (advisor), Assistant Professor, University of Vermont.

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