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What is the nature and structure of reality? Aristotle famously describes metaphysics as the study of "being qua being." Metaphysicians want to know what the world is like, and tend to ask questions about what sorts of things exist (are there numbers?), as well as what sorts of things are fundamental (is everything made of simple elements?). At Rutgers, Jonathan Schaffer focuses on issues concerning grounding, monism, and causation, and Dean Zimmerman focuses on issues concerning time, persons, and divinity.

In addition, Rutgers hosts Metaphysical Mayhem, a bi-annual, week-long graduate student workshop. Rutgers also provides the home base for Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, and an annual essay competition, the Oxford Studies in Metaphysics Younger Scholars Prize.


Core faculty:

Jonathan Schaffer, Dean Zimmerman

Additional faculty:

Andy Egan, Jeff King, Barry Loewer, Brian McLaughlin

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