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Why Study Philosophy

The following websites provide a variety of interesting information about the value of an undergraduate degree in philosophy:

What Philosophy Can Do for You

Professor Tomas Bogardus (Pepperdine) has put together a useful site.

The Philosophy Major

  • Published by the American Philosophical Association, this brief pamphlet tells you about what philosophy is, different kinds of degree programs, and the value of philosophy. (hosted by the APA)

What Do Philosophy Majors Do?

  • Contains information about careers for philosophers, along with comments from former philosophy majors. (hosted by Texas A & M)

Philosophy Majors do better on Standardized Tests

  • A detailed study of how philosophy majors perform better than any other major on the verbal portion of the GRE, higher than any other humanities major on the LSAT, and outperform business majors by 15% and every other major except mathematics on the GMAT. (hosted by Williamette University)
  • Philosophy Majors score highest on revised GRE

Philosophy Majors and High-Paying Jobs

  •’s current data on Best Undergrad College Degrees By Salary lists starting median salary and mid-career (15.5 years after graduation) median salary for 50 different university majors. Of the fifty, the philosophy major ranks sixteenth in mid-career median salary. For many majors where the starting median salary is slightly higher than in philosophy, the mid-career median salary of philosophy majors is considerably higher. For example, the median starting salary for a Business Management major is $3,100 higher than the median starting salary for a Philosophy major - $43,000 vs $39,900. But the mid-career median salary for Philosophy majors is $9,100 higher - $81,200 vs $72,100.

Rutgers Philosophy Majors in the National News

  • A New York Times article on philosophy majors at Rutgers

Rutgers Philosophy Department in the National News

  • A New York Times article on why Rutgers is a great place to do a philosophy major

Some Thoughts on Philosophy by John Cleese

  • Commissioned by the American Philosophical Association, these short audio files address the usefulness of philosophy to society.

Philosophy and the Law

  • A testimonial from a practicing attorney (and former philosophy major) that the study of philosophy is the best foundation for a career in the law.

Philosophy and Business

  • A testimonial from a former philosophy student, now a captain of industry.

Philosophy and Technology

  • A computer whiz kid, now working for Google, on why you should get a philosophy degree.

Giving Employers What They Really Want

  • Find out what employers are looking for.

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