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Department of Philosophy

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Faculty Advisor for Climate Concerns: The This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. helps ensure that all students have the opportunity to thrive in our department. The Faculty Advisor is available to all students who have either general climate concerns or specific issues relating to their gender/underrepresented group status at Rutgers, including questions and concerns they have while going on the job market. The Faculty Advisor acts as a confidential consultant and advisor on these matters.

Climate Committee: This is a committee chaired by the Faculty Advisor which helps devise and implement initiatives to monitor and improve climate for all graduate students. 

Graduate Student Climate Representatives: These graduate students report to the Faculty Advisor about any climate issues brought to their attention by other students, who are kept anonymous.

Rutgers University Sexual Harassment Officer: Witnesses and victims of harassment can contact the Rutgers University Sexual Harassment Officer: 732-932-1181. You can find more information on procedures and resources for dealing with discrimination and harassment here.

Resources for pregnancy and parental leave for TAs/GAs and full-time faculty. Rutgers offers paid leave of up to eight weeks for a parent to have parental leave after the child is born or when a child is adopted, regardless of gender, marital status/domestic partnership, or sexual orientation. Additionally, the birth mother receives six to eight weeks of paid recuperative leave. The Family Leave Policy can be found here. Here are links to Rutgers HR FAQ on Maternity Leave, and the Rutgers HR TA/GA Benefit Guide. For more information, contact University Human Resources Benefits Specialist at 848-932-3990 or an HR Consultant at 848-932-3020.

Childcare Resources. Information about childcare resources at Rutgers can be found here.

A Wiki to help diversify a discipline here .


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