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Alex Guerrero --featured in Rutgers Today--Are Politics Broken?


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Rutgers Today talks with Guerrero about how ending elections would free us from the tyranny of  false campaign promises and wealthy special interests, and make government look more like a cross section of American society. He also proposes a smaller-scale version to solve intractable issues like climate change. 

Please read the Q&A  here.




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 A Conference in Memory of Peter Kivy (1934-2017) 

Over the course of his 49 year career (48 years of which were spent at Rutgers), Peter established himself as a giant in the field of aesthetics, especially in the philosophy of music. Sadly, Peter passed away in 2017.  To honor his memory, the Rutgers Philosophy Department is hosting a one-day conference on October 26, 2018, celebrating his life's philosophical work.

The Conference will include talks by Christy Mag Uidhir (Houston), Jenefer Robinson (Cincinnati), Jerrold Levinson  (Maryland), and David Davies (McGill).  In addition, Aaron Meskin (Leeds) will introduce and read Peter Kivy's unpublished 'The Case of (Digital) Wagner.' Finally, there will be a time set aside for remembrances from Peter's friends and colleagues.

All are welcome to attend the conference. There is no registration fee; however, attendees are encouraged to pre-register (so that we have an accurate headcount for the lunch and reception). To pre-register, please email us at




Marcos Dees 0040064703 4ac23 Remembering Marco Dees 

It is with profound sadness that we report the death of Marco Dees on July 22 in a climbing accident in Grand Teton National Park.  Marco came to Rutgers after studying philosophy at Saint Andrews.  He wrote a dissertation on the metaphysics of quantities, space, and time, receiving his Ph.D. in 2015.  Dean Zimmerman and Jonathan Schaffer were his co-advisors.  He had begun to publish papers based on his thesis (in Thought and Pacific Philosophical Quarterly), and to teach, first at Bard College and then Vassar.

Marco was a beloved member of our community.  He brought a kind, encouraging spirit to every conversation — philosophical or otherwise.  His passing is an incalculable loss for all who knew him.  

For information about memorial services, or to leave remembrances and pictures, visit