Summer Institute 2019

summer institute


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

July 21-July 26, 2019

*Accepting applications beginning January 2, 2019*

Rutgers University will sponsor the 2019 SUMMER INSTITUTE FOR DIVERSITY IN PHILOSOPHY. This seven day program is designed to introduce undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds to the various areas of specialization within the discipline of philosophy, give students a better idea of what graduate studies in philosophy is about, and explore various views about what it means to be a professional philosopher. Up to fifteen students will be given the opportunity to interact in formal and informal settings with a group of talented graduate students and distinguished faculty members from a number of universities. 

In the past, presenters have included prominent faculty from the University of Arizona, Barnard College, Boston College, Bowling Green, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, CUNY, DePaul University, East Carolina University, Fordham University, Georgia State University, Grand Valley State University, Harvard, Howard, Loyola- Marymount, MIT, Michigan State University, Northwestern University, Notre Dame, NYU, Rutgers, San Diego State University, San Jose State University, Spelman, Stanford University, St. Cloud University, SUNY at Stony Brook, Syracuse, Towson University, University of Central Florida, University of Colorado, University of Illinois, University of Maryland, University of Massachusetts- Amherst, University of Memphis, University of Minnesota, UNC-Chapel Hill, University of Oregon, University of Washington-Seattle, University of Winnipeg, Vanderbilt, Vassar College and Yale.

Eligible students must demonstrate how their experiences and background foster greater diversity in the discipline of philosophy and be full-time students in a college or university in the United States (preference will be given to sophomores and juniors, though others are eligible.) Interested students must be in good academic standing and be interested in philosophy as a career. The Institute will provide travel, room and board, and a $250 stipend. This year’s program will be held at the University Inn & Conference Center in New Brunswick, NJ. Applications must be completed and submitted to the 2019 Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy and postmarked no later than April 22, 2019. Your department is receiving more detailed information about the Institute.

For more information, please contact:

Professor Alex Guerrero
2019 Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy
Philosophy Department, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
106 Somerset Street, 5th Floor, New Brunswick,
New Jersey 08901-4800 
Tel.: 848-932-6042
FAX: 732-246-1049

or Ms. Mercedes Diaz
(Same address) 
Tel.: 848-932-9862
FAX: 732-246-1049

To apply on-line

Please complete the Summer Institute Application. (Link currently disabled. This will be available on January 2, 2019)


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Application Checklist

Please include all of the following with your application:

  • This application form with all fields completed (Link currently disabled. This will be available on January 2, 2019)
  • Short writing sample of around 5-10 pages

This should be a paper that will help the selection committee assess your academic and philosophical ability. Typically, but not necessarily, this will be a paper that was written for a college course. Philosophy papers are preferable, but a paper on a topic from any discipline will work if no suitable philosophy paper is available. The most effective paper to submit will be the one which best exhibits your philosophical or academic ability.

  • Personal Essay and explanation of why your background and experiences will help foster greater diversity in philosophy
  • 2 letters of recommendation

Letters should be from people who know you and your work well enough to comment knowledgeably on your philosophical ability and your suitability for this program. Please arrange for letters to be sent directly to .

  • A transcript

Applicants should include a transcript of all their college coursework. Your overall GPA and current enrollment status should be clearly indicated somewhere - if it is not, please also include some verification of your current enrollment status. If you have been to more than one institution, please include transcripts from all institutions. These do not need to be official transcripts sent from your institution's registrar. They can be scans of transcripts that you already have or screenshots of any online transcript that you can access. These should be sent as email attachments to You can, of course, arrange to have official transcripts sent as well. If sent by mail, please have them sent to: Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University, Gateway Transit Building, 106 Somerset Street, 5th Floor, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-4800.