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Where to Stay

All sessions will be held at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ. A limited number of reduced-priced rooms are available to those attending the Conference. The reduced rate is $144 per night for a single or double room. To reserve rooms, please use this webpage:


If for some reason that fails, call 1-888-421-1442 and inform the reservation clerk that you will be attending the "Rutgers University Epistemology Conference," and give him/her this reservation code "RU Epistemology." You definitely should make the reservations before April 19th and I would suggest making them as soon as possible to make certain that you get a room at the reduced rate. After that date, there is no guarantee that rooms will be available at all since the hotel tends to be fully booked.

For more general information about the Hyatt, visit their website at: http://newbrunswick.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/


Flying: If you are flying, you should fly into the Newark Airport which is about 25 miles from the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, and then either take the train to New Brunswick or take the State Shuttle from the airport (see below). The train connection is easy and lot cheaper. The Hyatt is about one quarter of a mile from the train station in New Brunswick.

Flying into one of the other “local” airports (John F. Kennedy or La Guardia) is possible but not desirable since they are about 2 hours away from the Hyatt and the transportation costs from/to the airport are much greater. For example, the one way cost of the State Shuttle from JFK is $114 and from La Guardia it is $109.

Train: Assuming you fly to the Newark airport, once you get to your terminal follow the signs to the monorail "airtrain" that will connect you to the New Jersey Transit Line that goes to New Brunswick. As of July, 2012, the cost on NJ transit is $14.50 (one way). Buy your ticket using the vending machine. The ticket price includes getting from the terminal to the NJ Transit line station.  (There is a $5 surcharge for buying the ticket on the train.)

Once you get to New Brunswick and get off the train, walk towards the back of the train until you get to the elevator or steps on your left, go down the elevator or steps, turn right and in 15 yards turn right again onto George St.  Go to the first light, cross the street (Albany Street) and turn left and cross the street (George St.). The hotel is one block downhill on your right. Big Sign - you can't miss it. (If you want to take a taxi, they are available at the train station; but it’s a really short walk)

There will be a direct train from the NJ Transit station at the airport to New Brunswick about every half hour unless you arrive fairly late at night (after 10:00 pm) or very early in the morning (before 7:00 am). Check this website for more information about the airtrain: http://www.citidex.com/special/airporttrans/ewr_airtrain.html and this site for information about the NJ Transit line: http://www.njtransit.com . You'll see that some trains require transferring in Newark. My advice is to take a train that does not require a transfer.

Train service is available from New York and Philadelphia via NJ Transit on the North East Corridor Line.  (Make certain the train you take is scheduled to stop in New Brunswick.)

Reservations for the State Shuttle should be made at least 24 hours in advance by calling the State Shuttle at (800) 427-3207 or through their website at http://stateshuttle.com . As of July, 2012, the fare for one person from the Newark airport to the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick is $43 plus tolls and gratuity, for two people the cost is $53 plus tolls and gratuity.

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