Derstine, Janelle

Janelle Derstine
P.h.D. Candidate (ABD)
Contact Information
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Rutgers University, 2000 – 2006 and following a leave of absence, from 2009 – present. I obtained my BA (honors and magna cum laude) from Temple University, in Philosophy and Cognitive Neuroscience, in 1999
Metaphysics (esp. Ontology and Metametaphysics), Ethical Theory and Metaethics

My current interests concern the ontology of so called ordinary objects; specifically, macroscopic concreta salient to persons. I develop a two-fold account of objects and the regions of space they (supposedly) occupy. In doing so, I implement some modifications to standard meta-theory and resultant methodology. I explain and defend this methodology and the resulting non-individualistic ontology it implies, in my dissertation, Backwaters of Ontology.

My philosophical interests are broad; they include: applied ethics (esp. philosophy of war and business ethics), and places where Ontology intersects other areas of philosophy, for example, in Philosophy of Mind and Language, and Epistemology. Finally, the metaphysics and ontology of persons is a topic of perennial interest.
Selected Publications
The Ontology of Corporations, presented at Collective Intentionality IV, University of California, Berkeley, in July 2008. This paper was also presented to the Society for Business Ethics Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia (2006) and the NJRPA Fall Conference, Ramapo College, NJ (2007).