Managing Moral Outrage: How Philosophy Can Change Your (Emotional) Life (click for flyer)

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This year's undergraduate committee: Rivky Brandwein, Aysenur Guc, Matthew Rotolo and Andreas Kauderer.

Professor Rosen is a professor of metaphysics, ethics, metaethics, and philosophy of mathematics at Princeton University. He currently serves as Chair of Princeton’s Philosophy Department in addition to holding the position of Stuart Professor of Philosophy. Since joining the department at Princeton in 1993, Rosen has proved to be a prolific scholar in his various specializations. He is most noted for proposing the idea of modal fictionalism in metaphysics. Perhaps his most recognized work is A Subject with No Object: Strategies for Nominalist Reconstrual in Mathematics (1997), coauthored with John Burgess.


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"We were thrilled with the turn out (a full house!) and I think it made it for a fantastic dialogue between students and the larger community. It was great to meet Professor Rosen and get a chance to talk with him over dinner as well -- I'm very grateful for the Rutgers Philosophy department's active, consistent commitment and support towards undergraduates!" - Aysenur Guc, Committee member

Thanks to everyone who attended this lecture and supported our undergraduate community. This was one of the largest turnouts in years. A special thank you is owed to Professor Rosen for agreeing to speak!



Photos by Aysenur Guc