• 'Steven' Sung-Hak Kang
  • 'Steven' Sung-Hak Kang
  • Lecturer III
  • Degree, Univ: Ph.D., The Univ. of Texas at Austin
  • Regional Campus: Rutgers-Newark
  • Department: Philosophy



Selected Publications

  • “Moral Axiomatics: Relevance of Social Choice Theory to Ethical Theory,” Presented at the 5th European Congress for Analytical Philosophy (ECAP5) Lisbon, Portugal , August 2005.
  • “Free Will and Distributive Justice,” Philosophia, 31: 1-2 (October 2003), pp. 107-126. Catalogued by Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/justice-distributive/bib.html)
  • “The Molinist Solution to the Dilemma of Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom: A Critical Appraisal,” (2007), Mimeo.


  • Theoretical & Applied Ethics
  • Formal & Informal Logic
  • Political Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Social Choice Theory