Alvin Goldman

Selected Publications



Selected Books

Joint Ventures: Mindreading, Mirroring and Embodied Cognition. Oxford University Press (2013; in press).

Reliabilism and Contemporary Epistemology. Oxford University Press (2012).

Simulating Minds: The Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience of Mindreading. Oxford University Press (2012).

Pathways to Knowledge: Private and Public. Oxford University Press (2002).

Knowledge in a Social World. Oxford University Press (1999).

Epistemology and Cognition. Harvard University Press (1986).

A Theory of Human Action. Prentice-Hall (1970); Princeton University Press (1977).

Selected Articles

"A Moderate Approach to Embodied Cognition," Review of Philosophy and Psychology (2012).

"Systems-Oriented Social Epistemology," in Gendler & Hawthorne (eds.), Oxford Studies in Epistemology (2010).

"Philosophical Naturalism and Intuitional Methodology," Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association (2010).

"Internalism, Externalism, and the Architecture of Justification," Journal of Philosophy (2009).

"Simulationist Models of Face-Based Emotion Recognition" (with C. S. Sripada), Cognition (2005).

"Experts: Which Ones Should You Trust?" Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (2001).

"Why Citizens Should Vote: A Causal Responsibility Approach," Social Philosophy and Policy (1999).

"Internalism Exposed," Journal of Philosophy (1999).

"A Priori Warrant and Naturalistic Epistemology," in Tomberlin (ed.), Philosophical Perspectives 13 (1999).

"Mirror Neurons and the Simulation Theory of Mindreading" (with V. Gallese), Trends in Cognitive Sciences (1998).

"Science, Publicity, and Consciousness," Philosophy of Science (1997).

"The Psychology of Folk Psychology," Behavioral and Brain Sciences (1993).

"Empathy, Mind, and Morals," Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association (1992).

"Epistemic Paternalism in Law and Society," Journal of Philosophy (1991).

"Interpretation Psychologized," Mind and Language (1989).

"Foundations of Social Epistemics," Synthese (1987).

"What Is Justified Belief?" in Pappas (ed.), Justification and Knowledge (1979).

"Discrimination and Perceptual Knowledge," Journal of Philosophy (1976).

"Toward a Theory of Social Power," Philosophical Studies (1972).

"The Individuation of Action," Journal of Philosophy (1971).

"Actions, Predictions, and Books of Life," American Philosophical Quarterly (1968).

"A Causal Theory of Knowing," Journal of Philosophy (1967)