Holly Smith
Distinguished Professor
Specialties: Normative Ethics, Structural Questions about Normative Theories, Issues of Moral Responsibility
Email: hsmith@philosophy.rutgers.edu





Ph.D., University of Michigan. Holly Smith works on questions in normative ethics, moral responsibility, and structural questions transcending normative theories. Her most recent articles include “The Moral Clout of Reasonable Beliefs,” in Mark Timmons, ed., Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, Vol. I (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011); “Non-Tracing Cases of Culpable Ignorance,” Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 5 (2011); “Measuring the Consequences of Rules,” Utilitas Vol. 22 (2010); and “Subjective Rightness,” in Social Philosophy and Policy 27 (2010). She is working on a book exploring how moral theories can best accommodate the errors and uncertainty that confront us as decision-makers.