Name Speciality
Anders, Geoff

Metaphysics, History of Philosophy and Philosophical Methodology

Anthony, Alexander

Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics and Aesthetics

Antosh, Marcello

Normativity, Metaethics, and Normative Ethics

Armstrong, Josh

Philosophy of Language, Mind, and Metaphysics

Beckstead, Nick Website
Ethics, Decision Theory, and Epistemology (esp. formal)
Beddor, Robert


Blanchard, Thomas

Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind and Ethics

Borges, Rodrigo

Epistemology and Meta-ethics

Campbell, Timothy


Choi, Lee-Sun Metaphysics and Philosophy of Mind
Davydov, Pavel Website
Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics and Epistemology
Dees, Marco  
Demarest, Heather Website
Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Physics
Denissov, Serguei


Derstine, Janelle Website
Metaphysics, Ethics, Social Philosophy and Applied Ethics
Devitt, Kate Website
Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind and
Naturalized Epistemology
Dub, Richard

Philosophy of Mind

Fleisher, William


Gardiner, Georgina


Goldstein, Simon  
Green, Edwin

Philosophy of mind, Normative ethics and metaphyics

Greene, Preston

Decision Theory, Meta and Normative Ethics, Epistemology

Harper, Angela


Henzel, Melissa Beth  
Hicks, Michael

Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science

Hoversten, Erik

Philosophy of Language and Metaphysics

Johnson, D. Anton


Jordan, Lucy

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of language and Metaphysics

Leary, Stephanie

Epistemology, metaphysics and meta-ethics 

Levinstein, Ben

Epistemology, decision theory, logic, philosophy of mathematics, and philosophy of science

Little, Brian


Mason, Kelby Website
Philosophy of Psychology & Epistemology
Mena, Ricardo

Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics and Philosophy of Logic

Miller, Zachary Website
Philosophy of Language and Philosophy of Science
Miracchi, Lisa


Morgan, Alex Website
Course Page
Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Science
Pavese, Carlotta Website
Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic and History of Early Analytic Philosophy
Planer, Ronald


Rhoades, Tara

Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics and Epistemology

Robinson, Pamela  
Roeber, Blake Website
Epistemology and TBD
Rose, David


Salvaggio, Mary

Epistemology and Philosophy of Language

Sharber, Justin Website
Simmons, James


Snee, Joseph  
Stojnic, Una

Philosophy of Language, Epistemology and Philosophy of mind

Sylvan, Kurt

Epistemology,  Philosophy of Mind and Metaphysics

Tourville, Nick


Wang, Jennifer


Weaver, Christopher

Metaphsics of Science, Philosophical Logic & Philosophy of language

Wilsch, Tobias