• Michael Glanzberg
  • Michael Glanzberg
  • Professor
  • Specialties: Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic, Mathematical Logic, Philosophy of Psychology and Cognitive Science
  • Office: 106 Somerset St - 520







My Ph.D. is from Harvard (1997) and I have taught at MIT, the University of Toronto, the University of California Davis, and Northwestern University.  My work is mainly in the areas of philosophy of language and logic, with strong connections to metaphysics and philosophy of psychology and cognitive science. In philosophy of language, I have focused on such topics as the nature of linguistic meaning and the way meanings connect to concepts and cognition, the ways meaning and context of utterance interact, the interface between semantics, pragmatics, and syntax, and the role of mathematical techniques in the empirical study of language. In philosophical and mathematical logic, I have worked extensively on issues related to truth and paradox, and the status of unrestricted quantification.  I am co-author (with Jc Beall and David Ripley) of Formal Theories of Truth and the editor of the Oxford Handbook of Truth.