Epistemology is the branch of philosophy that deals with knowledge and related notions. For many years, Rutgers philosophers have set the agenda in epistemology, from Alvin Goldman's work on reliability, to Ernest Sosa's work on virtue epistemology, to Peter Klein's work on scepticism. This tradition continues at Rutgers today, with groundbreaking work being done in areas as diverse as social epistemology, confirmation theory, contextualism and the knowledge-how debate.

As well as being central to research in epistemology, Rutgers epistemologists play crucial roles in the profession. Several of us are editors of leading journals, including dedicated epistemology journals (e.g., Episteme, edited by Alvin Goldman) and journals that publish among their papers many of the most important epistemology papers (e.g., Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, edited by Ernest Sosa). Branden Fitelson founded, and continues to be heavily involved with, the annual Formal Epistemology Workshop. And the bi-annual Rutgers Epistemology Conference has grown to be one of the largest, and certainly the most important, epistemology conference in the world.

Epistemology Faculty: