Philosophy of Language deals with questions about communication, in general, and its relation to meaning, in particular. Work in the field might address, for example: how rationality and communication are related; in what way, and to what extent, communication is conventionalized; the role of context in determining meaning; or the nature of semantic content itself. Philosophers of language work closely with researchers in a wide range of fields, including logic, linguistics, psychology and computer science.

Rutgers is a leading center for philosophy of language globally. The diverse and distinguished research group is highly active, and has close ties to the Linguistics department and to RuCCS (the Rutgers Centre for Cognitive Science). Rutgers holds a weekly graduate-student organized reading group, a visiting speaker series through RuCCS, as well as the annual Semantics Workshop.

Core Philosophy Faculty:

Affiliated Faculty:

  • Mark Baker (Linguistics)
  • Maria Bittner (Linguistics)
  • Simon Charlow (Linguistics)
  • Vendetta Dayal (Linguistics)
  • Jane Grimshaw (Linguistics)
  • Gerard de Melo (Computer Science)
  • Julien Mussolini (Psychology)
  • Matthew Stone (Computer Science)
  • Kristen Syrett (Linguistics)