YearAuthorTitleDissertation Chair
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1980 Clark Edward  Zumbach The Lawlessness Of Living Things: Kant's Conception Of Organismic Activity  
1982 Richard Bryan Miller Force And Substance: A Study Of The Interrelation Of Dynamics And Metaphysics In Leibniz Martha Bolton
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1982 Michael Joseph Fitzgerald Supposition And Signification: An Examination Of Ockham's Theory Of Reference Seymore Feldman
1982 Linda Irene Nagle Interpretations In Art Criticism Peter Kivy
1983 Allen Ginsberg Quantum Statistics, Quantum Field Theory, And The Interpretation Problem Robert Weingard (?)
1983 Noel Houston Tisdale Truth In Fiction: A Theory Of Aesthetic Relevance Peter Kivy
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1984 Michael Joseph Jordan Duns Scotus On The Formal Distinction Seymore Feldman
1984 Katherine M. Ramsland Engaging The Immediate: Applying Kierkegaard's Theory Of Indirect Communication To The Practice Of Psychotherapy Bruce Wilshire
1985 Louis De Bello The Free Will Controversy  
1986 Robert M. Geer Realist Methodology In Cognitive Psychology Bob Matthews (?)
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1990 David Glenn Johnson Ethical disbelief Richard Henson
1990 Ronnie LeRoss Cooper Heidegger and Whitehead: A phenomenological examination into the intelligibility of experience Bruce Wilshire
1990 Uma Narayan Offensive conduct: What is it and when may we legally regulate it? Doug Husak
1991 Suzanne Laba Cataldi Emotion, depth and bodily being: A study of affective space Bruce Wilshire
1991 Michael William Dahlem Self-identity and the social contract Mary Gibson
1992 Gregg M. Horowitz Looking at pictures: Appearance and subjectivity in mimetic representation Peter Kivy
1992 Shaun Nichols Commonsense psychology Stephen Stich
1993 Gary Frank Gates Speaking with the vulgar: An essay on or about the philosophy of meaning Jerry Fodor
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1995 Stefano Bertolo Learnability properties of parametric models for natural language acquisition Bob Matthews
1995 Rupert J. Read Practices without foundations? Sceptical readings of Wittgenstein and Goodman: An investigation into the description and justification of induction and meaning at the intersection of Kripke's "Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language" and Goodman's "Fact, Fiction and Forecast" Barry Loewer
1995 Eric A. Margolis Concepts and the innate mind Jerry Fodor
1995 Joyce Anne Tigner A social conception of self-deception Brian McLaughlin
1996 Michael Robert Strevens Bigger than chaos: The probabilistic structure of complex systems Barry Loewer
1996 Andrew Milne The alienation of content: Truth, rationality and mind Jerry Fodor
1997 Carl John Gillett Naturalization: Scientific theory appraisal and the warrant of physicalism Jerry Fodor
1997 Paul C. Taylor Reconstructing aesthetics: John Dewey, expression theory, and cultural criticism Peter Kivy
1997 Donald Eugene Witmer Demanding physicalism: The formulation and justification of a reductive materialism Brian McLaughlin
1997 Craig Adam Callender Explaining time's arrow Robert Weingard
1997 Kenneth Aaron Richman Nature and natural belief in Hume's science of the mind Martha Bolton
1997 Yi Zhang Cofinitary Groups and Almost Disjoint Families Simon Thomas,  Vann McGee
1998 Stephen Philip Webb An exploration and defense of fine-grained object individuation Barry Loewer
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1998 Katalin Balog Conceivability arguments Brian Loar
1998 Jonathan Keith Sutton The bounds of reference: An enquiry into the contingent a priori and descriptive names Brian Loar
1998 Mark John D'Cruz Names as disguised descriptions Bob Matthews
1998 Paul Andrew Lodge Leibniz's anti-cartesian metaphysics of body: A study of the correspondence between Leibniz and De Volder Martha Bolton
1998 Michael Huemer A direct realist account of perceptual awareness Peter Klein
1998 Richard I. Samuels Massively modular minds: The nature, plausibility and philosophical implications of evolutionary psychology Stephen Stich
1998 Anna Vitola For a deflationary conception of truth Barry Loewer
1999 Jonathan Moshe Schaffer Causation and the probabilities of processes Brian McLaughlin
1999 David Erik Nelson Inference to the best explanation and prior probabilities Barry Loewer
1999 Justine Margaret Joy Kingsbury Content and function: A defense of Millikanian teleosemantics Frances Egan
1999 Ken Michael Levy Free will hunting Colin McGinn
1999 Dominic Paul Murphy Madness and modularity: Theoretical issues in psychiatric nosology Stephen Stich
2000 Ronald Jerry Mallon Making up your mind: The social construction of human kinds and its implications Stephen Stich
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2001 Barry Michael Ward A Humean projectivist theory of natural laws and objective chances Tim Maudlin
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2001 Stephen Eugene Ellis Multiple objectives: Commensurability, calibration, and decision Martin Bunzl
2001 Catherine Alice McKeen The best things: Primary substances in Aristotle's ontology Robert Bolton
2001 Douglas Neil Kutach Entropy and counterfactual asymmetry Tim Maudlin
2001 Kent Eric Johnson Knowledge of word-meaning Ernie LePore
2002 Mark Miller Moyer A semantic approach to material constitution Tim Maudlin
2002 Jeffrey Moriarty Just deserts: The significance of desert to distributive justice Howard McGary
2002 Raffaella De Rosa Innate ideas and intentionality Descartes vs Locke Martha Bolton
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2002 John Edward Sarnecki Between thought and meaning: The embodied concept Brian Loar
2003 Jeff Buechner A critical examination of Hilary Putnam's refutation of computational functionalism Frances Egan
2003 Catherine Mary Driscoll Darwinizing human nature: Methodological issues in sociobiology and evolutionary psychology Stephen Stich
2003 Stewart D. R. Duncan Hobbes: Metaphysics and method Martha Bolton
2003 Orit Gwirceman A closer look at the underdetermination thesis and its use in debates concerning scientific realism Barry Loewer and Tim Maudlin
2003 Mikhail Joshua Valdman Autonomous *preferences, autonomous persons: Toward an achievement conception of autonomy and its role in political argument Larry Temkin
2003 Susan Lynn Schneider Meaning and the computational mind: The relation between intentional and computational states in a scientific psychology Jerry Fodor
2004 Jill North Time and probability in an asymmetric universe Barry Loewer
2004 Adam Robert Wager Perceptual awareness and perceptual knowledge Brian McLaughlin
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2005 Chandra Sekhar Sripada Conceptual foundations for the psychology and evolution of morality Stephen Stich
2005 David Jeffrey Manley Essays on meaning and the a priori John Hawthorne
2005 Matthew Harold Phillips Intentional states and intentional state ascriptions: An integrated linguistic/psychological account Bob Matthews
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2006 J'aime Arron Wells Charles S. Peirce's theory of *inquiry Peter Klein
2006 Nestor Angel Pinillos On referring to the same thing Stephen Neale
2006 Jacob Ross Acceptance and practical reason Larry Temkin
2006 Jonathan Weisberg Credence and credibility: The commonsense approach to probabilistic epistemology Barry Loewer
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2006 Kevan Edwards Referentialism without compromise Jerry Fodor
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2006 Bernard J. Molyneux Aspects of consciousness explained Alvin Goldman
2007 Valia Allori Fundamental Physical Theories: Mathematical Structures Grounded on a Primitive Ontology Tim Maudlin
2007 Walter Dean What algorithms could not be Bob Matthews
2007 Jeffrey Glick The importance of knowledge per se Peter Klein
2007 Hillary Greaves On the Everettian Epistemic Problem Frank Arntzenius
2007 Dennis Whitcomb An epistemic value theory Alvin Goldman
2007 Daniel Ryan Kelly Projectivism psychologized: The philosophy and psychology of disgust Stephen Stich
2007 Christopher J. G. Meacham Chance and the dynamics of de se beliefs Frank Arntzenius
2007 Joseph Anthony Corabi Evolutionary arguments and the mind -body problem Brian McLaughlin
2007 Christopher Domhnall Mag Uidhir Reflexive conditions on artistic intentions Peter Kivy
2007 Samuel John Cumming Proper nouns Ernie LePore and Jason Stanley
2008 Benjamin William Allen Zeno, Aristotle, the Racetrack and the Achilles: A historical and philosophical investigation Robert Bolton
2008 Bernard Joseph Murtaugh Affirmative action is not morally justified Doug Husak
2008 Stephanie Larsen Wykstra A defense of Cartesian certainty Ernie Sosa
2008 Jonathan Ichikawa Imagination and epistemology Ernie Sosa
2008 Jason Theodore Turner Ontology, quantification, and fundamentality Ted Sider
2009 Carlos Montemayor The psychology of time and its philosophical implications Alvin Goldman
2009 Joshue Orozco Knowledge and intellectual skill Ernie Sosa
2009 Maya Eddon Quantity and quality: Naturalness in metaphysics Ted Sider
2009 Douglas Parvin Phenomenal concepts Brian McLaughlin
2009 Kyle David Haidet A reductive theory of justification and excuse Doug Husak
2009 Eliezer Mintz A physicalist relationist theory of color Alvin Goldman
2009 Iris Oved Baptizing meanings for concepts Jason Stanley
2010 Alexander Paul Vincent Jackson Evaluating beliefs Ernie Sosa
2010 W. Starr Conditionals, meaning and mood Ernie LePore and Jason Stanley
2010 Andrew Christopher Sepielli ‘Along an imperfectly-lighted path’: Practical rationality and normative uncertainty Ruth Chang
2010 Saba Bazargan Individual responsibility for collectively committed harms Jeff McMahan
2011 Jennifer Nado Intuition and inquiry Stephen Stich
2011 Gabriel J. Greenberg The semiotic spectrum Jeff King and Jason Stanley
2011 Karen L. Shanton How many persons am I? An empirical investigation of personhood and the unconscious Alvin Goldman
2011 Karen Shelley Lewis Understanding dynamic discourse Jeff King
2011 Michael Johnson Harlequin semantics Ernie LePore and Barry Loewer
2011 Allison Hepola The Metaphysics of Interpretation Peter Kivy and Dean Zimmerman
2011 Meghan Sullivan The A-Theory: A Theory Dean Zimmerman
2011 Evan Williams Ethics Under Moral Neutrality Larry Temkin
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2011 Luvell E., Jr. Anderson Communicating offense: The sordid life of language use Howard McGary and Ernie LePore
2012 Matthew Aaron Benton Knowledge norms: Assertion, action, and belief Ernie Sosa
2012 Thomas Mark Eden Donaldson Papers on pragmatism Ernie LePore
2012 Jon Winterbottom Corrective Justice, Harm, and Reparations for Historical Injustice Howard McGary
2013 Joshua Armstrong Language change in context Ernie LePore and Jason Stanley and Jeff King
2013 Preston Greene Rationality and success Andy Egan
2013 Geoffrey Taylor Anders, II Cartesian concepts Martha Bolton
2013 Nicholas Beckstead On the overwhelming importance of shaping the far future Larry Temkin
2013 Jennifer Wang Modal primitivism Dean Zimmerman
2013 Richard Dub Delusions, acceptances, and cognitive feelings Brian McLaughlin
2013 Carlotta Pavese The unity and scope of knowledge Jason Stanley
2013 Zachary John Miller Essays on the semantics of modality Tony Gillies
2013 Benjamin Anders Levinstein Accuracy as epistemic utility Branden Fitelson
2013 Heather Demarest A theory of laws of nature, dispositions, and chances Barry Loewer
2013 Susannah Kate Devitt Homeostatic epistemology: Reliability, coherence and coordination in a bayesian virtue epistemology Ernie Sosa
2013 Blake Roeber Believing, Knowing, Acting Ernie Sosa
2014 Janelle Derstine Backwaters of Ontology Dean Zimmerman
2014 Alexander D. Morgan On the matter of memory: Neural computation and the mechanisms of intentional agency Frances Egan and Bob Matthews
2014 Justin Sharber The predictive focus account of the principle of simplicity Branden Fitelson
2014 Thomas Blanchard Causation in a physical world Barry Loewer
2014 Ricardo Mena-Gallardo Semantic quietism Brian McLaughlin
2014 Lisa Miracchi Getting Things Done Ernie Sosa and Brian McLaughlin
2014 Kurt Ludwig Sylvan On the normativity of epistemic rationality Ernie Sosa
2015 Ronald J. Planer Information in development and evolution Brian McLaughlin
2015 Christopher Gregory Weaver Essays on causation, explanation, and the past hypothesis Barry Loewer
2015 Rodrigo Martins Borges Knowledge from knowledge: An essay on inferential knowledge Peter Klein
2015 Marco Korstiaan Dees The fundamental structure of the world: Physical magnitudes, space and time, and the laws of nature Dean Zimmerman
2015 Tobias Wilsch Laws in metaphysics Jonathan Schaffer
2015 Timothy Campbell Personal Ontology and Bioethics Jeff McMahan and Larry Temkin
2016 Una Stojnic Context-sensitivity in a coherent discourse Jeff King and Ernie LePore
2016 Stephanie Leary On the grounds of normativity Ruth Chang and Andy Egan
2016 Michael Townsen Hicks Humeanism after the BSA: A second best system Barry Loewer
2016 Bob Beddor Reduction in epistemology Andy Egan and Alvin Goldman
2016 Marcello Antosh Understanding normative practical reasons Ruth Chang
2016 Stephen Noel Woodside Liability, responsibility, and ineffective threats Jeff McMahan and Doug Husak
2016 Edwin James Green, Jr. Seeing the structure of objects Brian McLaughlin
2017 David Rose Promiscuous Teleology and Folk Metaphysics Jonathan Schaffer
2017 Simon Goldstein Informative Dynamic Semantics Tony Gillies and Ernie LePore
2017 Georgi Jayne Gardiner In Pursuit of Understanding Ernie Sosa
2017 Melissa Beth Valentine Fictitious Consents: What They Are and What They Can Do Doug Husak
2018 William Fleisher Endorsement and Inquiry Ernie Sosa and Branden Fitelson
2018 Mary Salvaggio The Epistemology of Memory Beliefs Alvin Goldman and Brian McLaughlin
2018 Marilie Coetsee The Ethics of Disagreement Ruth Chang
2018 Peter Van Elswyk Un/qualified Declaratives Jeff King and Ernie LePore
2018 Pamela Grace Robinson Toward an Ultimate Normative Theory Andy Egan
2018 Lee-Sun Choi Primitive Individuation and Haecceitism Barry Loewer
2019 Ben I. Bronner Intention, Prevention, and The Just War Alec Walen
2019 Laura Frances Callahan Responsible for What's Rational Ernie Sosa
2019 Cameron Domenico Kirk-Giannini Commitment, Communication, and Content: Toward a Theory of Assertion Ernie LePore and Jeff King
2019 Megan Feeney A Defense of Liberalism in the Epistemology of Perception Susanna Schellenberg
2019 David Black The True and The Good Doug Husak and Ernie Sosa
2019 Keming Chen Essays on the Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics Barry Loewer and David Albert
2019 Anna Austin Baker When Perception Bypasses Truth: Attention, Bias, and the Structure of Social Stereotypes Andy Egan
2019 Daniel Rubio Essays in Formal Metaphysics Dean Zimmerman
2020 Brittany Elizabeth Shupe Comparing Capacities Elisabeth Camp
2020 Christopher Hauser Essence, Definition, and Scientific Inquiry in Aristotle Robert Bolton
2020 David Anton Johnson Deliberations on Deliberation Andy Egan
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2021 Olivia Suwe Ợdợffin On the Bifold Heterogeneity Problem for Affect Programs Susanna Schellenberg
2021 Verónica Gómez Sánchez Metaphysical Foundations for Intentional Psychology Frances Egan and Ted Sider
2021 Christopher Willard-Kyle Surprising Suspensions: The Epistemic Value of Being Ignorant Ernie Sosa
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2021 Isaac Wilhelm The Non-Fundamental: Explanation Barry Loewer and Jonathan Schaffer
2022 James Goodrich Self-Defense without Deontology Larry Temkin
2022 Ting-An Lin Addressing Structural Wrongs: From Moral Theory to Implementation Alex Guerrero
2022 Karson Kovakovich Hallucination and Naive Realism Ernie Sosa
2022 Tyler M. John Chronopolitanism: Political Inclusion and the Distant Future Alex Guerrero
2022 Adam F. Gibbons Incentives, Institutions, and the Language of Politics Alex Guerrero
2022 Carolina Flores Henrique Bad Believers: Evidence-Resistance, Rational Persuasion, and Social Change Elisabeth Camp and Susanna Schellenberg
2023 Ezra Alexander Rubenstein Essays on Metaphysical Explanation Jonathan Schaffer and Ted Sider
2023 Christopher Frugé How to Make Jonathan Schaffer