Placement Data for the Doctoral Program in Philosophy

The Department makes the strongest possible effort to assist its doctoral students in finding suitable employment upon completion of their programs. The broad philosophical background and teaching experience our students acquire prepare them to teach in a wide variety of courses and make them attractive candidates in a competitive job market.

All regular tenure-track positions are noted with a 'TT'
Tenured appointments are noted with a 'T'

Unless otherwise noted, all positions are in Philosophy Departments.


NameDissertation TitleAdvisorInitial PlacementCurrent Position


Callahan, Laura Responsible for What's Rational Ernest Sosa  Notre Dame (TT)  
Chen, Eddy Essays on the Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics Barry Loewer & David Albert  UCSD (TT)  
Kirk-Giannini, Nico Commitment, Communication, and Content: Toward a Theory of Assertion Ernest Lepore & Jeff King  Rutgers-Newark (TT)  


Coetsee, Marilie The Ethics of Disagreement Ruth Chang University of Richmond (TT)  
Fleisher, Will Endorsement & Inquiry Ernest Sosa Washington University, St. Louis (2 year postdoc)  
Robinson, Pamela Toward an Ultimate Normative Theory Andy Egan University of Massachusetts-Lowell (2 year postdoc)  
van Elswyk, Peter Unqualified Declaratives Ernest Lepore & Jeff King University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (TT)  


Gardiner, Georgina In the Pursuit of Understanding Ernest Sosa Oxford (1 year postdoc); University of Tennessee (TT)  
Goldstein, Simon Informative Dynamic Semantics Thony Gillies & Ernest Lepore  Lingnan University (TT)  
Rose, David Promiscuous Teleology and Folk Metaphysics Jonathan Schaffer Washington University, St. Louis (2 year postdoc)  Florida State (2 year postdoc)
Valentine, M. Beth Fictitious Consents: What They are and What They Can Do Doug Husak Washington & Lee (1 year)  University of North Dakota (NTT)


Antosh, Marcello Understanding Normative Practical Reasons Ruth Chang Purdue University (Visiting Assistant Professorship)  
Beddor, Robert Reduction in Epistemology Alvin Goldman & Andy Egan KU Leuven (in Belgium) (2 year postdoc); President’s Assistant Professorship, National University of Singapore (TT)  
Green Jr., Edwin Seeing the Structure of Objects Brian McLaughlin Bersoff Fellowship at NYU (postdoc, 1 year appt.); MIT (TT)  
Hicks, Michael T. Humeanism after the BSA: A Second Best System Barry Loewer 1.5 year postdoc at Oxford  3 year postdoc at Cologne
Leary, Stephanie On the Grounds of Normativity Ruth Chang & Andy Egan 3 year Visiting Professorship, Indiana-Bloomington  McGill University (TT)
Stojnic, Una Context-Sensitivity in a Coherent Discourse Ernest Lepore & Jeff King 2 year Summer postdoc, ANU; Bersoff Fellowship at NYU (postdoc, 1 year appt.); Columbia (TT)  
Woodside, Stephen Liability, Responsibility, and Ineffective Threats Doug Husak Westpoint  


Borges, Rodrigo Knowledge from Knowledge: An Essay on Inferential Knowledge Peter Klein FAPESP, 2-3 year postdoc, University of Campinas, Brazil Permanent Lectureship, University of Florida
Campbell, Timothy Personal Ontology and Bioethics Jeff McMahan & Larry Temkin 2 year postdoc, Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm, Sweden  
Dees, Marco The Fundamental Structure of the World: Physical Magnitudes, Space and Time, and the Laws of Nature Dean Zimmerman Rutgers University-PTL Vassar College (Half-time)
Planer, Ronald Information in Development and Evolution Brian McLaughlin ANU, 1 year postdoc  
Weaver, Christopher Essays on Causation, Explanation, and the Past Hypothesis Barry Loewer Illinois Urbana-Champaign (TT)  
Wilsch, Tobias Laws in Metaphysics Jonathan Schaffer University of Uppsala, 3 year postdoc Assistant Professorship at Tübingen (6 year)


Blanchard, Thomas Causation in a Physical World Barry Loewer UC, Berkeley (postdoc), Illinois-Wesleyan University (TT) Illinois-Wesleyan University (TT)
Derstine, Janelle Backwaters of Ontology Dean Zimmerman Rutgers University-PTL  
Mena, Ricardo Semantic Quietism Brian McLaughlin UNAM (TT)  
Miracchi, Lisa Getting Things Done Ernest Sosa & Brian McLaughlin Bersoff Fellowship at NYU (1 yr. appt.) University of Pennsylvania (TT)
Sharber, Justin The Predictive Focus Account of the Principle of Simplicity Branden Fitelson Rutgers University-PTL Software Engineer 
Sylvan, Kurt On the Normativity of Epistemic Rationality Ernest Sosa University of Southampton, UK (2 year) University of Southampton, UK (TT)


Anders, Geoffrey Cartesian Concepts Martha Bolton Lecturer, Stonehill College Executive Director, Leverage Research
Armstrong, Josh Language Change in Context Ernest Lepore & Jeff King University of Pennsylvania (1 year appt.) UCLA (TT)
Beckstead, Nick On the Overwhelming Importance of Shaping the Far Future Larry Temkin Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University  (post-doc) Program Officer at Open Philanthropy Project
Demarest, Heather A Theory of Laws of Nature, Disposition, and Chances Barry Loewer University of Oklahoma (TT) UC-Boulder (TT)
Devitt, S. Kate Homeostatic Epistemology: Reliability, Coherence and Coordination in a Bayesian Virtue Epistemology Ernest Sosa 1 year lectureship, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Social & Ethical Robotics Researcher, Defence Science & Technology Group (Australia) 
Dub, Richard Delusions, Acceptances, and Cognitive Feelings Brian McLaughlin Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva (postdoc) Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva (postdoc- renewed for additional year)
Greene, Preston Rationality and Success Andy Egan Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (TT)  
Levinstein, Benjamin Accuracy as Epistemic Utility Branden Fitelson University of Bristol (post-doc); Future of Humanities Institute, Oxford (2 year postdoc) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (TT)
Miller, Zachary Essays on the Semantics of Modality Thony Gillies University of Oklahoma (TT) Software Engineer 
Morgan, Alex On the Matter of Memory: Neural Computation and the Mechanisms of Intentional Agency Frances Egan & Robert Matthews Center for Integrative Neuroscience, University of Tübingen (postdoc) Rice University (TT)
Pavese, Carlotta The Unity and Scope of Knowledge Jason Stanley 2013: Bersoff Fellowship, NYU, 2014: Duke University (TT) Duke University (TT)
Roeber, Blake Believing, Knowing, Acting Ernest Sosa Notre Dame (TT)  
Wang, Jennifer Modal Primitivism Dean Zimmerman University of Georgia (TT) Simon Fraser University (TT)


Benton, Matt  Knowledge Norms: Assertion, Action, and Belief Ernest Sosa Oxford (postdoc); Notre Dame, 1 year postdoc Seattle Pacific University (TT)
Donaldson, Tom Papers of Pragmatics Ernest Lepore Harvard Society of Fellows (3 year) Simon Fraser University (TT)
Winterbottom, Jon Corrective Justice, Harm, and Reparations for Historical Injustice Howard McGary UCSB (1 year Visiting Professorship) Financial Coordinator, The Institute for Energy Efficiency, UCSB


Anderson, Luvell Communicating Offense: The Sordid Life of Language Use Howard McGary & Ernest Lepore Pennsylvania State (postdoc) Syracuse University (T)
Greenberg, Gabriel The Semiotic Spectrum Jeff King & Jason Stanley UCLA (TT)  
Hepola, Allison The Metaphysics of Interpretation Peter Kivy & Dean Zimmerman Samford (TT)  
Johnson, Michael Harlequin Semantics Ernest Lepore & Barry Loewer Lingnan University, Hong Kong (Visiting Lecturer)  
Lewis, Karen Understanding Dynamic Discourse Jeff King University of Southern California (TT) Barnard College (TT)
Nado, Jennifer Intuition and Inquiry Stephen Stich Lingnan University, Hong Kong (TT)  
Shanton, Karen How many Persons am I? An Empirical Investigation of Personhood + the Unconscious Alvin Goldman ACLS Fellow Analyst, American National Government at the Congressional Research Service
Sullivan, Meghan The A-Theory: A Theory Dean Zimmerman Notre Dame (TT)  
Swanson, Carrie Socratic Dialectic and the Resolution of Fallacy in Plato's Euthydemus Alan Code Indiana (postdoc) University of Iowa (T)
Williams, Evan Ethics Under Moral Neutrality Larry Temkin Purdue (Visiting Assistant Professor) University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh (TT)


Jackson, Alexander Evaluating Beliefs Ernest Sosa Boise State (TT)  
Starr, William Conditionals, Meaning, and Mood Ernest Lepore & Jason Stanley NYU (Bersoff Fellow) Cornell University (TT)


Oved, Iris The Mental Coining of Terms Jason Stanley University of Arizona (postdoc, Computer Science) Founder of Paradox Lab:
Wykstra, Stephanie A Defense of Cartesian Certainty Ernest Sosa Stonehill College (TT) Freelance writer and researcher
Orozco, Joshua Knowledge and Intellectual Skill Ernest Sosa Whitworth University (TT)   
Montemayor, Carlos The Psychology of Time and its Philosophical Implications Alvin Goldman San Francisco State University (TT)  
Sepielli, Andrew Along an Imperfectly-Lighted Path: Practical Rationality and Normative Uncertainty Ruth Chang  University of Toronto (TT)  
Bazargan, Saba "Individual Responsibility for Collectively Committed Harms." Jeff McMahan UCSD (TT)  


Dean, Walter What Algorithms Could Not Be Robert Matthews University of Warwick (TT)  
Ichikawa, Jonathan Imagination and Epistemology Ernest Sosa University of St. Andrews (postdoc) University of British Columbia (TT)
Parvin, Doug Phenomenal Concepts Brian McLaughlin Augustana College (TT)  
Turner, Jason Ontology, Quantification, and Fundamentality Ted Sider University of Leeds (TT) University of Arizona (T)
Allen, Benjamin Zeno, Aristotle, The Racetrack and the Archilles: A Historical and Philosophical Investigation Robert Bolton Tufts University (postdoc) Haverford College (Visiting Assistant Professor)


Allori, Valia Fundamental Physical Theories: Mathematical Structures Grounded on a Primitive Ontology Tim Maudlin Northern Illinois University (TT)  
Corabi, Joseph Evolutionary Arguments and the Mind-Body Problem Brian McLaughlin St. Joseph's University (TT)  
Cumming, Samuel Proper Nouns Ernest Lepore & Jason Stanley UCLA (TT)  
Kelly, Daniel Projectivism Psychologized: A Cognitive and Evolutionary Perspective on Disgust and its Philosophic Implications Stephen Stich University of Sydney (2 year postdoc), Purdue University (TT) Associate Professor, Purdue University
Eddon, Maya Quantity and Quality: Fundamental Properties in Metaphysics Ted Sider & John Hawthorne University of Mass -Amherst (2 year postdoc) University of Massachusetts at Amherst (TT)
Glick, Jeffrey The Importance of Knowledge Per Se Peter Klein University of Rochester (Visiting Assistant Professor) Texas A & M University, Kingsville (TT)
Greaves, Hillary On the Everettian Epistemic Problem Frank Arntzenius Merton College, Oxford Univ (Jr Research Fellow) Somerville College, Oxford (Permanent Fellow)
Mag Uidhir, Christopher The Intentional & Essential in Art Peter Kivy Cornell University (2 year postdoc) University of Houston (Associate Professor)
Whitcomb, Dennis An Epistemic Value Theory Alvin Goldman Western Washington University (TT)  


Bartlett, Gary Taking Phenomenal Internalism Seriously Brian McLaughlin Haverford College (Visiting Asst Prof) Central Washington Univ (TT)
Edwards, Kevin Referentialism Without Compromise Jerry Fodor Univ of Kansas (TT) Syracuse University (TT)
Meacham, Christopher Chance and the Dynamics of De Se Beliefs Frank Arntzenius Bersoff Fellow - NYU (postdoc) University of Mass -Amherst (TT)
Molynuex, Bernard Aspects of Consciousness Explained Alvin Goldman UC Davis (TT)  
Pinillos, Angel On Referring to the Same Thing Stephen Neale Arizona State University (TT)  
Ross, Jacob Rational Acceptance Larry Temkin University of Southern California (TT)  
Sennet, Adam Arguments and Adjuncts Ernest Lepore & Jason Stanley UC Davis (TT)  
Swenson, Adam Pain and the Nature of Value Larry Temkin Cal State Northridge (TT)  
Weisberg, Jonathan Credence and Credibility: Taking the Common Sense Approach to Probabilistic Epistemology Barry Loewer University of Toronto (TT)  


Batori, Zsolt Fiction, Imagination, and Cognition Peter Kivy & Stephen Stich University of Art & Design, Budapest, Hungary (TT) Budapest University of Technology & Economics (Sr Research Fellow)
Keane, Brian Visual Objects: Philosophical and Cognitive Science Perspectives Brian McLaughlin 2nd PhD in Psychology; UMDNJ (Instructor of Psychiatry) Instructor of Psychiatry & NRSA Fellow, Rutgers RWJ Medical School
Manley, David Essays on Meaning and the A Priori John Hawthorne University of Southern California (TT) University of Michigan (TT)
Sripada, Chandra Conceptual Foundations for the Psychology and Evolution of Morality Stephen Stich Resident, Adult Psychiatry Residency Training Program University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry; Assistant Professor (TT) Department of Philosophy, University of Michigan
Wasserman, Ryan The Problem of Change Ted Sider Western Washington University (TT)  


North, Jill Time and Probability in an Asymmetric Universe Barry Loewer NYU (postdoc) Associate Professor, Rutgers New Brunswick
Phillips, Matthew Intentional States and Intentional State Ascriptions: An Integrated Linguistic/ Psychological Account Robert Matthews CUNY City College Biology (postdoc) Postdoctoral Research Associate in Cellular Electrophysiology,  Neuroscience, Columbia Univ


Buechner, Jeff A Critical Examination of Hilary Putnam's Refutation of Computational Functionalism Frances Egan Rutgers University, Newark (1 year Lectureship) Rutgers University, Newark (Lecturer)
Driscoll, Catherine Darwinizing Human Nature: Methodological Issues in Sociobiology and Evolutionary Psychology Stephen Stich Dartmouth (1 year Lectureship) North Carolina State (TT)
Duncan, Stewart Hobbes: Metaphysics and Method Martha Bolton University of Nebraska (1 year Lectureship) University of Florida, Gainesville (TT)
Schneider, Susan Meaning and the Computational Mind: the Role of Intentional and Computational States in a Scientific Psychology Jerry Fodor Moravian College (TT) University of Connecticut (T)
Valdman, Mikhail Autonomous Preferences, Autonomous Persons Larry Temkin Rutgers Business School (1 year postdoc) Virginia Commonwealth (TT)
Wager, Adam Perceptual Awareness and Perceptual Knowlege Brian McLaughlin University of Vermont (TT)  


Cross, Troy Fundamental Properties Brian McLaughlin Yale University (TT) Reed College (TT)
De Rosa, Raffaella Innate Ideas and Intentionality: Descartes vs Locke Martha Bolton Univ of South Carolina (TT) Rutgers University, Newark (Assoc Prof)
Moriarty, Jeffrey Just Deserts: The Significance of Desert to Distributive Justice Howard McGary Cal State, Long Beach (TT) Bentley University (TT)
Sarnecki, John A Theory of Concepts and Concept Acquisition Brian Loar University of Toledo (TT)  
Ward, Barry A Projectivist Theory of Natural Laws and Objective Chances Tim Maudlin University of Arkansas (TT)  


Deutsch, Max The World Knot: The Problem of Consciousness and Revamped Materialism Colin McGinn Hong Kong University (TT)  
Ellis, Stephen Multiple Objectives: Commensurability, Calibration, and Decision Douglas Husak University of Oklahoma (2 year) University of Oklahoma (TT)
Haybron, Dan Happiness and Ethical Inquiry: An Essay in the Psychology of Well-Being Douglas Husak University of Arizona (1 year) St. Louis University (TT)
Johnson, Kent Knowledge of Word-Meaning Ernest Lepore UC Irvine (TT) UC Irvine (Assoc Prof)
Knapp, Christopher Making Metaethics Matter: Can Moral Semantics Improve Moral Inquiry? Richard Foley & Ernest Sosa Binghamton University (TT) Binghamton University (Assoc Prof) 
LoLordo, Antonia Flesh vs. Mind: A Study of the Debate Between Descartes and Gassendi Martha Bolton University of Virginia (TT) University of Virginia (Associate Professor)
Moyer, Mark A Semantic Approach to Material Constitution Timothy Maudlin University of Vermont (1 yr) University of Vermont (Associate Professor)
McKeen, Catherine The Best Things: Primary Substances in Aristotle's Ontology Robert Bolton SUNY Brockport (TT)  
Weinberg, Jonathan Intuitions: An A Posteriori Critique of the A Priori Peter Klein Indiana University (TT) University of Arizona (T)


Beardman, Stephanie Affective Deliberation: Toward a Humean Account of Practical Reasons Barry Loewer Washington University (2 year) Barnard College (Asst Prof)
Cohen, Jonathan Color Properties and Color Perception: A Functionalist Account Brian McLaughlin University of British Columbia (postdoc) UC San Diego (Full Prof)
Galgut, Elisa Poetic Faith and Prosaic Concerns Peter Kivy University of Capetown, S.A. (TT) University of Capetown, S.A. (Lecturer)
Kutach, Douglass Entropy and Counterfactual Asymmetry Tim Maudlin Texas Tech (1 year) Brown University (TT)
Mallon, Ron Making Up Your Mind: The Social Construction of Human Kinds and its Implications Stephen Stich University of Utah (1 year) Washington University St. Louis (Full Professor and Director of Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology program)
Meskin, Aaron Relevance and the Philosophy of Art Peter Kivy Texas Tech (TT) University of Leeds (Lecturer)
Stubblefield, Anna Anti-black Oppression and the Ethical Significance of African American Identity Howard McGary Temple University (TT) Rutgers University, Newark (Associate Professor)


Kingsbury, Justine Content and Function: A Defense of Millikanian Teleosemantics Frances Egan Auckland (3 year) Waikato University, NZ (Lecturer)
Levy, Kenneth Free Will Hunting Colin McGinn Columbia Law School LSU (TT)
Murphy, Dominic Madness and Modularity: Theoretical Issues in the Foundations of Psychopathology Stephen Stich Washington University (postdoc) University of Sydney (Professor)
Schaffer, Jonathan Causation and the Probabilities of Processes: Towards an Account of the Causal Relation Brian McLaughlin University of Houston (TT) Rutgers University, New Brunswick (Professor)


Balog, Katalin Conceivability Arguments Brian Loar Cornell (1 year) Rutgers University, Newark (Associate Professor)
D'Cruz, Mark Names as Disguised Descriptions Robert Matthews University of Singapore (TT) University of Singapore (Asst Prof)
Huemer, Michael A Direct Realist Account of Perceptual Awareness Peter Klein University of Colorado (TT) University of Colorado (Assoc Prof)
Paul Lodge Leibniz's Anti-Cartesian Metaphysics of Body: A Study of the Correspondence Between Leibniz and DeVolder Martha Bolton Tulane University (TT) Oxford University, Mansfield College (Lecturer)
Samuels, Richard Massively Modular Minds Stephen Stich University of Penn (TT) Ohio State (Full Prof)
Sutton, Jonathan The Bounds of Reference An Enquiry Into the Contingent a Priori and Descriptive Reference Brian Loar Rice University (1 year) Auburn University (Asst Prof)
Yoo, Julie Norms and Laws in a Natural World: A Compatibilist Account of Mental Causation Robert Matthews Georgia South (1 year) California State, Northridge (Associate Professor)


Callender, Craig Explaining Time's Arrow Robert Weingard LSE (TT) UC-San Diego (Full Prof)
Gillett, Carl Naturalizing Thought Jerry Fodor Illinois Wesleyan (TT) Northern Illinois (Assoc Prof)
Richman, Ken Nature and Natural Belief in Hume's Theory of the Mind Martha Bolton Kalamazoo College (TT) Mass College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (Assoc Prof)
Taylor, Paul Reconstruction in Aesthetics: On the Possibility of a Deweyan Aesthetic Theory Peter Kivy University of Washington (TT) Temple University (Assoc Prof)
Vitola, Anna For a Deflationary Conception of Truth Vann McGee Rutgers University (PTL) Rutgers University (PTL)
Witmer, Gene Demanding Physicalism Brian McLaughlin University of Florida - Gainesville (TT) University of Florida - Gainesville (Assoc Prof)
Zhang, Yi Cofinitary Groups and Almost Disjoint Families Simon Thomas, Math, Vann McGee, Phil. Rutgers University (Math) University of Michigan Asst Prof (Visiting Asst Prof, Math)


Strevens, Michael Bigger Than Chaos: The Probabilistic Structure of Complex Systems Barry Loewer Iowa State (1 year) NYU (Full Prof)
Milne, Andrew The Alienation of Content: Truth, Rationality and Mind Jerry Fodor Cal Tech (1 year) University of South Carolina (Adj Prof)


Bertolo, Stefano Lernability Properties of Parametric Models for Natural Language Acquisition Robert Matthews MIT (2 year) Scientific Project Officer, European Commission, Luxembourg
Margolis, Eric Concepts and the Innate Mind Jerry Fodor Rice University (TT) University of British Columbia (Prof)
Read, Rupert Practices Without Foundations? Sceptical Readings of Goodman And Wittgenstein Barry Loewer Manchester Metrop (2 year) East Anglia, UK (Lecturer)
Laurence, Stephen Naturalism and Language Stephen Stich Manchester Sheffield (Prof)
Sisko, John A Study of Aristotle's Account of Nous in the De Anima Robert Bolton Temple University (1 year) College of NJ (Associate Professor)
Tait, Alastair Mental Causation Robert Matthews Returned to Scotland  
Tigner, Joyce A Social Conception of Self-Deception Brian McLaughlin Rutgers University (Adj Prof) Raritan Comm (Asst Prof)
Warfield, Fritz Privileged Access and Externalism Stephen Stich University of Notre Dame (TT) University of Notre Dame (Assoc Prof)