Medical Ethics and Health Policy Minor [21 credits]

The minor in Medical Ethics and Health Policy enables undergraduate students to explore the conceptual foundations of medical ethics as well as develop an appreciation of how they inform contemporary health policy in an era of major scientific innovation, technological advances, and resource constraint.

Courses taken in fulfillment of the Medical Ethics and Health Policy minor cannot be double-counted to fulfill the requirements of a major. Not all courses are offered every semester.

Core: 6 credits

*10:652:201 or 01:730:248 Foundations of Medical Ethics & Policy
*10:652:301 or 01:730:348 Topics in Medical Ethics (Pre-req: 10:652:201 or 01:730:248)

Ethics: 6 credits

Two of the following courses:
01:730:105 Current Moral and Social Issues
01:730:107 Introduction to Ethics
01:730:249 Bioethics
01:730:250 Environmental Ethics
01:730:371 Philosophies of Death and Dying
--> (Prereq: One course in philosophy equal to or greater than 01:730:103)
01:730:442 Moral Responsibility
01:512:229 History of Medical Ethics
01:119:154 Genetics, Law, and Social Policy
01:447:354 Social, Legal, and Ethical Implications of the New Genetics
--> (Prereq:01:447:380 or 01:447:384)

Health Policy: 6 credits

Two of the following courses:
10:501:260 or 10:832:260 Health Care Systems*
10:501:356 Health Care Ethics and Law
10:832:252 Health and Social Justice
10:832 302 Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy
10:832:338 or 10:833:338 Health and Public Policy*
10:832:356 Public Health, Law, & Ethics
10:832:414 Culture and Health

Elective: 3 credits

Any one additional course from either the Ethics or Health Policy lists above.

*Credit issued only once for cross-listed courses.